Get Your Buns to the Atherton Bakehouse

For traditional baking with modern taste infusions, you will want to get your buns from Atherton Bakehouse. Whether you enjoy a hot savoury delight or a decadent cream-filled creation, there is something at our traditional bakery to tempt you.

Catering for all of your baked-good needs, including our award-winning pies and bread, the local team at Atherton Bakehouse has all those delicious cakes, pastries and pasties you remember indulging in as a child.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by visiting our bakery and enjoying a delicious fresh cream doughnut or sweet vanilla slice. Our dining area is the perfect place to seek refuge from the heat with a cool drink, or warm up on a cool day with a delicious hot pie and coffee.

29B Mabel Street , Atherton , Qld 4883